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About Us 
Pro Estate Services is owned by Jim & Kaye Whitaker.  It is a division of Eclectic Estate Service and Whitaker, Inc.  They have been in the Antique & Estate business for over 30 years.                                        Their background includes: Doing Antique shows nationwide. They have written 3 price guide books on Josef Originals figurines. They have contributed to 4 Antiques price guide books over the years. They have done TV appearances over the years on CBS channel 7 Seattle, Channel 12 Portland,  2 appearances on Kovels TV show on HGTV, TV appearances at Atlantique City antique show. They have had many articles written on them in Antique publications across the country. Jim has a degree in Graphic Design & Advertising. Has owed various business since the 1960’s. Kaye has done trouble shooting for a local CPA firm and still takes care of 2 corporations books. We have the experience to assist you in your time of need to arrange and run an Estate Sale and take the stress off you and your family. Our goal is to get the best value for your Estate items at the sale.                                                         
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 1, Kitchen set Wedgewood sale