Pro Estate Services
Service begins with: 1. Free evaluation of house and contents 2. Cleaning, organizing & remove garbage 3. We evaluate and research items. 4. Set up tables and shelving for display. 5. Pricing of the sale. 6. Advertising the sale- local newspapers,                                                                                    Internet, trade publications and our data     base of customers. 7. Conduct sale with our professional staff. 8. Disposal of leftover items. 9. Broom clean--if ordered.
We do it all from start to finish and leave the estate empty and broom clean. We have a hard working and honest crew that will take care in handling items & house. We have done sales for investment companies, lawyers, real estate agents, etc   
We have an licensed appraiser that we work with and can offer professional written appraisals for insurance, inheritance tax, probate, disposition and dissolution. Appraisals values in 3 categories. 1. Replacement value-replacement cost 2. Fair market value-donations, legal, etc 3. Liquidation-for immediate sale George A. Higby Appraisal CAGA        206-682-7288 KITTY VICTOR APPRAISAL ISA CAPP  425-882-9003 Fees are set by our professional appraisers on the 3 categories when meeting with you.
Pro Estate Services offers a professional service that will take the worry out of liquidating your family‚Äôs estate.  We can also help with downsizing and relocation with complete broom clean of the house.